Monday, June 8, 2009

Tickling Her Heart One Chocolate at a Time

We spent Easter this year with my mom and dad, aka "Momo" and "BG" ("Big Guy"). When I mentioned to Dad that I had a few eggs I could fill and bring over, he said, "No way. I'm taking care of it!" Notice the huge basket my mom handed to Kate? Can you see her face?! I think she was tickled pink!

Whose going to help her find that one?

Momo is finally going wigless! Hooray! And that head of hers is soooo soft! You are beautiful, Mom. Love you!

Little Heavy Kate???

I think they had an absolute blast! I know we did watching them. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad! You know exactly what will make us smile. You always have.


Jim and Jennica said...

Jules - you are so lucky to live so close to your cute parents! What a blessing! And where on earth did you get Kate's gorgeous dress??? I love it!

Cajsa Taylor said...

I love Kate's dress, it is SO cute!

Tyler and Rachael said...

Oh my cuteness!! I love that dress Kate is in---absolutely darling. What a fun day for you all!!!