Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mahalo MoMo and BG!!!

Ahhh, Hawaii. That sweet air and warm breeze...I never tire of it! I recognize that I'm spoiled. Having a dad who was born and raised in the islands is a wonderful thing, because it means he likes to return often with his family! The kids and I were the beneficiaries of this generosity the last week in May. We had an absolute wonderful time with my parents. I just hope Mom got her much needed rest! Love you both. Thanks for an unforgettable week.
Doesn't Mom's hair look cute?! I was officially the one who took the longest to get ready! No one else had to dry their hair!

This was the trip when I explained to Kate that it was OK to pee in the ocean. I didn't want to have to run find a bathroom every time she needed to go. "Why?" She always seems to ask. I thought my response was pretty good, "Well, because the ocean is really big, and the pee gets lost in it." That was settled until we were in the pool the next day with everyone sitting within earshot.
I was with Jake in the shallow area when I heard, "Mom, it's ok to pee in this pool... it's really big!" You don't know how fast I moved to get her out of there. I'm sure I got glares but I didn't dare look up! It was lovely :)

This guy was fantastic! He couldn't get enough of the beach. Loved the water, loved the sand and would swim and splash until completely exhaustion would hit. One afternoon I literally took him out of the pool, wrapped him up in his towel and set him down to grab a dry diaper-- maybe 2 seconds--When I turned around he was sacked out. Mouth wide open.

We made it to Punch Bowl on Memorial Day Weekend. What a sacred place--every single gravesite had a lei and a flag. It was beautiful!

Jake waiting in the car while Dad and I took pictures.

Hawaii is the best place to get your kids to sleep well at night. Completely wear them out all day long and they beg for their beds when the sun goes down :)

We had a wonderful time, but we were sure excited to get back to Joe. He greeted us at the airport and had a pink rose for Mom, Kate and me. He's the best. We got home and I found that he had painted the hallway and bathroom, mounted a huge bookshelf on the wall, cut and put in new shelves in our hall closets, cleaned the entire house, did the laundry, mowed the lawn...all while working a normal, crazy week. I think I need to go away for a week every year! Thanks, hon! You amaze me!


momo said...

What a great trip Boo! All because of you 3!!!!!!

Sunny said...

Oh so fun! Oh so Jealous! Always good times in Hawaii!

Dave said...

what a fun trip and great photos! Thanks for sharing. Wow, too, about all of the work that Joseph did at the house! I can hardly believe it; what a good man!

Jill said...

fun trip and cute pictures!! and You're mom looks great.

Shauna said...

What fun! I'm glad you had such a great trip! Your mom looks great! My step mom's hair did the same thing, it came in gray and she kept it! Your kids are darling!!!

Amber King said...

Your mom's hair is adorable! What a fun trip. And your kids really are the cutest.

Melissa Walton said...

Love the pictures! Your mom's hair is so cute. I vote for staying gray. Glad you had a fun trip to Hawaii! Kate reminds me so much of you. Darling kids. Miss you! LOVED our talk the other night.

Trisha said...

Aahhh...Hawaii. So nice to just see pictures of it. I can never get over the roots of the trees there. They always amaze me. You are too cute Julie! I miss you and love you!

Alisa said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Your mom looks so beautiful!

Sue said...

Boy, you are a lucky girl...Joe is the greatest! (And your kids are darling!!)

And yes, your mom's hair is adorable.