Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Caught Up!

I'm still trying to process that it's June. I knew I hadn't posted anything on my blog in a while-- ok, a long while--but when I got a message from Sunny on my phone asking if everything was alright, I knew I had to get back on here. Thanks for the concern, Sun. Love you!
A week after Jake's 1st birthday, we got in a car accident coming home from Costco and the lady who hit us, totalled our good car. Sigh. So I feel like the next 2 months were filled with trying to replace our non-functioning vehicle, dealing with insurance, and visiting the chirpractor. Thankfully the kids were ok although all 3 of us were pretty shaken. My headaches are down to a minimum now, so we are on the mend!
There were definite highlights though the past few months, and I've posted them below. More posts to come. We just got back from being spoiled by my parents! The kids and I went to Hawaii with them for a week so those pictures will be coming soon :) Thanks Mom and Dad for a great time! I feel so blessed that you're my parents.

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Sunny said...

Thanks Jules! I feel caught up! You've had some fun times this last little while. Sure love you and your cute little family.