Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Mini Duke Reunion

Joe and I made some incredible friendships when we were back at Duke. I really think that was one of the reasons we ended up getting in when we did because when we met these couples it was as if we were instant family. After graduation, everyone became established all around the country. Happily, Carrie and Mike Thompson ended up just 15 minutes from where we live, and Rachael Rushton's parents still live a little less than 2 hours from us. So even though she and Tyler are in Georgia, they still come home for a visit every once in a while. Carrie and I got an email from Rachael about a month ago, and a meet was organized in Merced. What a WONDERFUL day we had together! Rach, thanks for the delicious lunch and dessert and most of all, the company!

Kate and Nicholas had a blast together. She loved having a cute little guy shadow her where ever she went!

We love and miss you! May our reunions be often!!!

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