Wednesday, August 27, 2014

3rd Grade is almost over...

Is it really possible that we have already spent 2 school years at Nido de Aguilas?  As the end of the school year was drawing to a close ( I realized I'm 2 months behind), I suddenly looked at my kids and my heart wrenched just a little.  They were looking grown up!  Those pudgy cheeks that are in frames that literally make my insides smile, are changing.  Still cute as ever, but a morph has begun.  Joe mentioned it might be time to update some of our photos and I just can't do it.  Not yet.  I love the "pudg" and I think it's there to stay.  On the walls, that is.
Kate has definitely shown signs this year of her independence.  But when I heard her ask, "Mom, are you planning our end of the year party?  I really want you to do it.  The other kids in my class really think you're fun.  I'm so glad you're my mom,"  I thought, Oh good!!!!  She's not too cool for me.  Pray that'll never happen!!!
Because I was the room mom for her class, the party planning and gifts did fall on me and Ian's, mom, Lorena.  So she had nothing to worry about :)
And here is 3B getting prepped so I can make there gifts :)
The kids were pumped.  Lorena got Chuck E Cheese set up so we wouldn't have to plan everything ourselves.  I liked her thinking :)  And guess who loved the party just as much as the third graders?!
There are definite perks to being the little man at home :)

Lookin' good, boys!
Ticket Time!

Time for food!
Ms. Vicky and the girls wrapping things up.  It was a success.  

As the day came to a close, Kate realized that some of her dearest friends from Nido wouldn't be returning next year and she was heartbroken.  I tried to get a fun, "School's out" picture, but it turned out looking like this:

"How could you want me to smile at a time like this?!"  Is what I got.  
And Jake was trying to follow suit to show sympathy for his big sis.  Love that slight grin that he just can't seem to get rid of. 

Thankfully she perked up just a bit when she found Gaby and Fiona on our way out.  A last get together was planned because Fiona would be heading back to Denmark in a matter of days.
The end of the year = Lots of goodbyes.  It's hard for everyone.  Not just the kids!
But grateful for the friendships that were made!!

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