Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And so is Kindergarten...

Kate's party was Tuesday and Jake's Nido sponsored K2 party was Wednesday.  He was pumped. I'm so glad I had the chance to volunteer so much in his class this year.  When I first started coming in, all of the kids would ask, "Why is Jake's mom here again?"  But soon it turned into, "Jake's mom is here!!!"  I loved being in his classroom seeing Jake in action.  His teachers were so patient and helpful with Jake's outside-of-the-box thinking.  Every day he came home with some new book  he had made or invention--and I knew that Ms. Laura and Ms. Jessica had taken the time to staple, cut or tape things in just the right spot to help in the creation process.  
So this was a morning to celebrate.  
There were all sorts of things to do...
And friends to do them with...

Asha, Jake and Annik
Patiently waiting their turn
We've always been a little cautious :)

You were meant to jump over these...Jake started up a new trend...

When the playing was over, we all headed back to K2C for a little food, gift giving, and priceless facials.
Jake and Paden

...and Abigail
Jake with his teachers, his Kindergarten medal and K2C class shirt.

Jake and Manuel

Vincenzo and Jake 

Nice psycho eyes!  Jake wanted to make sure that I took pictures of him with his closest buddies.  Have I placed the camera as a high priority in our family or something?  Ha!  I loved it.  
It was a GREAT year, Jake.  I'm so proud of you!!!!  This chapter has closed and soon another will begin!  Slow down, time!!!

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