Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heading Home!!!!

A few hours after the dog incident, Joe took Kate, Jake, Luke and me to the airport, so we could fly home.  He would be joining us a week later.  I have to say, the kids have gotten really good at LONG flights.  Maybe it's because they have the freedom to play as many games and watch as many movies as their eyes can handle!!
Luke chose to sit next to Kate on this flight, so I got to bunk up with Jake.  He was pretty thrilled.  So was I.  A few hours into our Red Eye, after dinner had been served, I got up to get Luke ready to go to sleep and I found him just like this.  Fast asleep with a cookie in hand.  Perfect.  
He was happy.  I was happy.
The kids get so excited when we fly into Dallas, because we get to take the tram from the international to the domestic flights.  Usually, not too many people are on it, so they treat it like a roller coaster ride.  Total highlight.  It's the little things...
We made it to California!  And it felt so good!  We we were more than ready for:

Cousin sleepovers

Trips to Great America with Momo and BG

Lots of snuggles

Multiple trips to one of our favorite dentists

Rides in the Mini

American Girl bonding

And of course... Sweet Tomatoes.  

All of this in just a few short days?!  It's gonna be a fun summer :)

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