Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Counting Down the Hours...

The moving trucks were gone, the hotel rooms were all checked into and these ladies were tired of eating out for every single meal.  Their days were numbered.  We needed to get together and eat :)  So, our last weekend in Santiago (whether for good or for vacation) we got together just one more time.
 Missy, me, Teri, Karen and Laura
 Moms and our girls
 The Girls

 Don't ask...
 After most everyone left, the Hamilton's, Whitt's and Berryhill's got even more camera happy if that's ever possible :)

 Mark, Scott and Joe

 Loved trying to capture a shot of these rock stars...

 I thought about a lot of pros when it came to moving to Chile...a new language, seeing some incredible places, experiencing a new culture... But never would I have imagined that our family would have formed such treasured friendships along the way in this expat adventure.  Love to you all.  I've learned something huge through all of this--the world is small.  Looking forward to the day when our paths cross again.  xox

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