Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Mom, everyfing is white!!!" --Luke

It got cold a few days ago.  Really cold.  Our house, despite having the heat cranked up, was an icebox.  Everyone wanted to go to bed early, so we could get under blankets and warm up.  Then the rain came...and then the snow.  In June.  Don't think I'll ever get used it this southern hemisphere.
It was actually really exciting, because we have never lived in snow with the kids!  Here is what our neighborhood looked when I came home from dropping the kids off from school.  
The view from our bathroom window.  I couldn't believe that it was actually sticking!  We had a little snow last year, but it didn't stick.  Only stayed up in the Andes hills and mountains.

I ran upstairs to get Luke to show him the snow and I got more excited at every window I passed!  We got him all bundled up so he could go outside and experience the white stuff for the first time.

Check out our jeep and the orca in the pool...I think this might be here for a few days...
Luke likes it.
His first snowball

He spent all morning walking around kicking the snow...

Sandra made him an extra big snowball...
This was Lucy's first snow too!  She loved it as much as Luke did.  They were a good team.  He would form a snowball,
kick it...

and she would go chase it.  See that one in mid air?!  
It was a great morning.
Then it was time to go get Kate and Jake at school.
They were soooo excited when we came to get them.  "All anyone talked about today was the snow, Mom!!!"  They couldn't wait to get home where there was even more of it to play in.  I love that they don't mind yet that they all have matching jackets.  
Within the first 30 seconds of being out there, Kate chucked a snowball right at Jake's face.  We had massive tears as the cold drops of water dripped down his neck and he tore inside the house yelling he was never going out there again.  
After I convinced him to stay a little while, he decided it wasn't so bad.  

Lucy didn't make building our snowman very easy.  She thought every attempt was a ball for her to play with.  Kate got a little frustrated...
Can you tell?  
Classic.  I love that I captured this moment.  Too funny.
Sweet boy.
And here's our little guy despite Lucy's attempts to destroy him.

We were getting cold.  It was time for hot baths, hot chocolate, cozy jammies and the World Cup.  It was the opening ceremonies and we were excited to be watching it in South America!!!!  Sadly we found out that due to the weather, our neighborhood's cable was out, so there would be no soccer.  We opted for the movie "Frozen" instead.  It seemed appropriate :)  It was a perfect day in every way.

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