Monday, June 9, 2014

June Moments

Sitting at school waiting with my sidekick.  Love him.  Love that every night when he says his prayers he thanks Heavenly Father for his ABC's and every day he builds all sorts of "ABC cluvhouses."  I never really understand what it means, but if there is anything resembling blankets, pillows, and some letters thrown together, it's a success.  
He's addicted to letters. 
 Celebrated Kristy Miller's Birthday at the Radisson hotel, because that's where half of this crew was living!!! Saying goodbye to all 3 of these lovies in a few short days.
 Taking Jake to his classroom in the morning, and we saw the moon as big and bright as I've ever seen it at this time of day.  The picture from a camera phone can't seem to do it justice...

Chi Chi Chi Le le le....VIVA CHILE!  We have LOVED watching the World Cup this year.  
Go USA and Chile!!!!

Karen surprised us (really Joe) with RISK as a thank you for watching their kids when they went to Easter Island.  For a few days, this is what our dining room table looked like.  Joe and the kids were ecstatic.  So glad they took to the game--now Joe won't have to coerce me into playing with him ;)

A day out with Tiffany Ordaz and Britany Evans as we shopped for the gringas leaving Santiago.  The hours passed too quickly.  We need to plan another outing.  Love Los Dominicos.
Our first Faith in God activity!!!!  We've been working on getting the program going for a LONG time.  There never seemed to be anyone willing and available to take it on.  Nicci Price accepted the call and is going to be incredible.  I'm so excited!  12 kids at our first activity.  Total success.  They loved it.  

It's been freezing as of late.  There is snow on the mountains and our home just doesn't want to warm up.  We've been doing plenty of activities inside.  Over the weekend, Jake and Luke decided to throw a party for our family.  They got to work on the decorations.  When it was time to start the party, I found this:
"The Real World"-- walk on the colored path to get to the...
"Happy World."  Obviously the party was taking place in the happy world.  Hmmmm... I was a bit concerned as to Jake's take on the world we live in.  Maybe we need to have a heart to heart and the positive effect of optimism in the real world :)

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