Friday, December 28, 2012

Missionaries for Dinner

To celebrate my parents 42nd wedding anniversary on December 19th, we invited the missionaries over for dinner :).  I woke up that morning to a FREEZING, raining, thunder and lighting sort of day.  Great.  I was planning to have a picnic dinner with BBQ chicken sandwiches and watermelon among other things... better plan for a few warm dishes too!  Table was set, food was ready, and we were all waiting for Joe and the missionaries to arrive.  Then I got a phone call.  The rain was causing such massive problems in downtown that Joe couldn't even get out of the parking garage.  He sat their for 30 minutes and no one moved.  He wouldn't be coming home for dinner. 
Missionary rules:  they can't come into a home if a man isn't there.  What were we to do?  I asked them what our options were. "Well, we can eat out on the back porch!"  So that's what they did.  The kids and I ate in our nice, warm, dining room, and I supplied the missionaries with food, and bundled them with blankets while we listened to the sheets of rain pelting on roof and the night sky being lit up by lightening.  It was crazy.  I felt like an awful hostess.  Who would have guessed that we'd have a cold spell in the middle of summer?! 
 Maybe it was Heavenly Father's way of giving all of the gringos a taste of home at Christmastime.  I have to admit, I enjoyed wrapping up in my robe to keep warm as I turned the Christmas lights on that night :)


Tammy said...

Julie: Next time, call me! I can bring my 16 year old over and he 'counts' so you can eat inside :) He always like to tag along with the Elders for dinner!
This is hysterical by the way!

Jill said...

oh. my. gosh. I am laughing so hard!! so fun to read your posts and that pool was amazing. glad you all had a great Christmas! guess who I ran into at the movie theater in Spanish Fork? Becky Weeks from Freshman year. she said, "didn't you used to be really short? I thought I remembered you as shorter. oh yeah...probably I thought you were shorter because you were always standing next to Julie! ha ha ha. she said Amy Fairbanks, her freshman roommate is living in Brazil right now. love all your posts!!