Friday, December 14, 2012

Comic Relief--Guess Who Provided It?

My friend called me late one night to share with me some heartbreaking news. 
 In the middle of our conversation, around 2AM, Jake walked into my bedroom totally naked(Joe was out of town).  I couldn't help but laugh.  I asked my friend to hold on for a moment and then asked Jake why he wasn't wearing his jammies.  He just stood there rubbing his eyes-- obviously still asleep or completely out of it. I asked if he needed to pee and he just nodded.  So I guided him into the bathroom, and only a couple of driblets came out.  "Uh oh.  That wasn't much,"  I thought.  
I lead him out of my room and as we started to head up the stairs, I felt something wet seep through my sock.  Lovely.  Pee puddles on every step.  He must have been coming down to tell me he needed to pee, but was so tired that it just happened.  
So the question remained...where were his clothes? 
 I got him dressed and tucked him back into bed, came down and got back on the phone.  
When my sweet friend and I said goodbye, I got up and started looking for the smelly evidence.  There they were, in a nice wet pile, in the middle of our living room carpet.  Jake must have peed all of the way down the stairs, felt his wet clothes, and in his sleepiness, turned right, to where he thought the bathroom was, instead of left. 
Jake hasn't wet the bed in a LONG time.  I needed him at that moment for smile.  
I just didn't think he'd be naked :)    

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