Friday, December 14, 2012

Keeping Things Merry and Bright in the Summer Sunlight!

We finally pulled out our Christmas decorations last Saturday and began decorating.  The kids were ecstatic when the boxes came down.  The Christmas music was turned up loud and we were all singing...maybe just I was singing... and all of our doors were wide open to try and give us a little relief from the heat.  Have to say I can't remember ever really sweating before during this process.  

 We cut our tree down every year, and that isn't an option down here.  What most families do is put a manger scene in their fireplace.  Of course the fake trees are available, and we wondered if we should get one.  But the kids saw us pulling out all of our little fake trees and exclaimed, "We can have a Christmas forest!!!"  And so it was.  I'm so glad they were so excited about it!  Each took a little tree up to his or her room and decorated it how they wished.  Then we put a bunch of fake snow on our "forest."  Actually, I tried to, and somehow the snow ended up all over the kids.  
 We needed this.  We needed to feel the Christmas Spirit.  I have to say, I've been so impressed with the towns down here.  There are manger scenes EVERYWHERE.  In the hospitals, in the shopping malls, in the middle of roundabouts.  I love seeing reminders of our Savior in the community.  I miss that at home.    
We went to the grocery store today and saw this set up for Santa.  I was really surprised.  I told the kids to stand in front of it so I could take a picture, and they did, but then said, "We don't want to come here to sit on Santa's lap...he's gonna speak Spanish."

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