Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who's the Man?

Dad's the Man. We have had 4 sightings of this snake in our backyard in the last 2 years. Every time Joe has not been home. I've tried to be the brave, fearless, mother who can do anything, and catch the snake. But each time, it has speedily slithered out of my grasp and I have screamed like a wild boar.

This happened to be Saturday, two weeks ago, and we were working in the yard. I went to pull some weeds and suddenly there it was, inches from my face. Now you'd think a girl who has grown up with snakes wouldn't have blinked an eye. Well, it would have startled anyone, I promise. So I validated a slight yelp. Everyone came running and proclaimed, "Catch it!" Joe did the honors. I love him. Thank you Joe for not letting the kids down the 5th time.

We played with it, watched it, took pictures and then I recommended we take it up into the hills and let it go. Joe's response was, "Boo... this'll eat mice and rats!" I made him put it right back in the bushes in our backyard. Go get 'em snake! We'll let you live in peace.

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Sue said...

Nothing like a family snake to keep the vermin away!