Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father's Day was coming up. I had to get a cute picture of the kids. it's what Joe wanted. So that was my goal. I didn't have much time because Luke would be heading into surgery soon. I scheduled an appointment and took the kids in. I told the photographer my whole goal was a good group shot. Then, if we got it, I could take Luke's 6 month shot. 6 months! Where did that go?? Anyway, I'll have to get those posted. They were hysterical. They were no good. I had to do something! We came home and I took them to the backyard and grabbed my camera and the blue sleeping bag and began telling them a story. I got 3 smiles. I was thrilled.
I even got a great 6 month shot. Joe's office wall is going to be happy :)

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