Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let's Be Brief

He did it. I'm so proud of him. Couldn't open his race track until he peed in the potty.

Cried about it for 24 hours and then did it. And that was that. Jake is officially a man in briefs.

He feels pretty cool about being in his "underwears"

Yep. He's truly gained big boy status.

( I had to post this again. It kills me.)

Of course, he came in the other day from "helping" Joe in the front yard, with his pants and underwear around his ankles. Joe had gone in the back to get some tool and when I asked Jake what happened, he said as nonchalantly as can be, "I peed on the tree."

"What???" Sure enough, our front tree had a big wet spot on the trunk. Our wonderful neighbors across the street have their parents visiting from India for 6 months. They love to sit and watch the world pass by their front window. Imagine what they were thinking this fine day.

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