Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is it with WIGS???

Kate really wanted to be Barbie this year for Halloween. Barbie?!!! I was never into Barbie's when I was little--I didn't like them-- the only one I owned was Barbie's little sister..what was her name...Kipper or something? And the only reason I had her was because my best friend gave her to me for Christmas. How Kate got so fascinated with Barbie and her movies is beyond me... well, I couldn't let her be Barbie for Halloween! What would Jake be-- Ken?
I convinced her that she could be a princess (in her mind a Barbie princess) and Jake would be her frog prince. So, I didn't need to get a costume for her because there are plenty of frilly things to choose from in her trunk. I did think it'd be fun to get a wig though! It came and she loved it. She wore it around the house and flipped her long locks over her shoulders...did a few twirls....she was eating it up!
Well, the time came for our Halloween carnival at church this last Saturday and when I went to grab the wig, she said she didn't want to wear it! What??? The wig makes the costume!!! Why not?
Then I was stunned-- "Because I'll look silly." My Kate, who tries to prance around in her shirt and undies in our front yard--or even worse, a princess gown with undies on her head... thinks she'll look silly? Wherever she got that idea, I have no clue. It made me sad to think that she might be losing a tiny part of childhood that I love of simply not caring what anyone else thinks! I'm hoping it was just because it was itchy and she was looking for an excuse!
Well, I made her wear it anyway... it lasted about 15 minutes... at least Jake felt like hot stuff with his head gear on! He strutted around like he owned the place! Ribbiiiiiiittttttttt on little dude, ribbbbiiiiiiitttttt on!!!!!


Jen said...

Perfect! Just perfect!!

Woodruffs said...

What cute kids! I wanna kiss the frog :) Adorable!

Jeri said...

So cute!!!

Sunny said...

So cute! And I think Kate is hilarious! I love her little comments.

Alisa said...

So adorable. I love it.

Sue said...

Your blog is so much fun, Julie. I just signed on as a follower so I don't miss the magic.