Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch is Perfect for Pictures

How's that for alliteration?! We headed to Joan's Pumpkin Patch in Livermore this last Saturday after I got home from work. They were only open until 6PM and we got there at 5, so we were coming as others were going.

We don't actually buy our pumpkins at the patch. It's funny because I am a firm believer at Christmas time of heading up into the mountains and cutting down our own tree--we've never been to one of those places where they have them all ready to go for you...but Halloween? I don't care as much. In fact, I'm happy to report that Lucky Supermarket is selling large pumpkins, 3 for $9.99. Amazing deal! We go to the Pumpkin Patches for the Pictures :)
Yes, he is picking his nose. And yes, I was envisioning a darling picture of my two adorable children frolicking in the pumpkins...this is all I got!

At least I can always get a pose out of Kate :)
This was a close second because Jake is finally smiling, but Kate decided she needed to study the pumpkin next to her which always makes times like these fun! Natural shots are better anyway, right?!
The kids wanted to ride the train through the corn...when we got up there, we discovered that the little blue cars were just big water barrels! I thought that was pretty creative! Only one kid per car, so we put Jake behind Kate so he could see someone he knew. They were pretty excited as they drove away! But as soon as they disappeared behind the stalks, all I could hear was "Mama? Mama!" Over and over.

The poor little thing looked a little concerned at the end of the ride. I couldn't wait to grab him out of his car and give him a big squeeze! Everything was good in the end though, because when the conductor came over and gave him an American Flag, he felt like he was hot stuff. Glad to see my little guy has patriotism running through his veins!


Jen said...

Jake looks so OLD! (And cute!!)


Jill said...

cute pictures. I miss the pumpkin patch. There are a few pumpkins here. small ones for $40 each which I refuse to buy so poor little Jake doesn't even know what a pumpkin is....

Cajsa Taylor said...

Cute pictures, looks like it was a fun day!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! It really seems like yesterday that our kids were that small, we have pictures from Joans pumpkin patch too! Brought back so many memories We haven't been out there in a few years at least. Sooo cute :-)