Sunday, October 18, 2009


So, my birthday was the end of September. Joe always gives me a hard time because he says that everyone else in this world has a birthday--but I have a "birthmonth." I like to say I have a birthweek :) I made it known a while back with a red marker on the family calendar that I had to work on my birthday ;) Joe noticed,of course, and decided he needed to take action! And what action he took! I was spoiled. Truly spoiled. The weekend before my birthday we got a babysitter for Friday night. We went and got massages and then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Our friends, the Metheny's, introduced us to the restaurant back in North Carolina, and I was ecstatic when we discovered that they had one in the Bay Area. The cinnamon butter and the rolls are to die for-- the ribs are incredible--you must try it!
Saturday morning, Alisa, my sister-in-law, came to the house and we all went out to breakfast (one of my favorite things to do). And when we came back home, Kate couldn't wait for us to go, so she could have quality time with one of her favorite aunts!
Here's where my experiment took place.
We headed down to Carmel and spent the afternoon bicycling the 17 mile drive and then ended up on the coast for dinner. I made a conscious decision NOT to take the camera. No pictures. Hence... no pictures to document the weekend. Carmel is just gorgeous-- I love everything about it. I think we would have accomplished nothing if I brought the camera, because all I have been doing was snapping away! So, I'll paint a picture... We got to listen to a man in a kilt play his bagpipes as we ate dinner and watched the sunset on the ocean! It can't get any better! Thank you SO MUCH Alisa, for watching the kids for us and thank you, Joe for a wonderful weekend!
After work on Monday, my family headed out for dinner and we came back to celebrate at our house. I love nothing more than being with my family! I feel so blessed that they are mine. So, I'm glad I didn't bring the camera, but I don't make it a habit. Joe could sense I was missing it and grabbed it when we got home and celebrated with my family-- here's a shot of my siblings-- Jen-- and Chris is on the phone :)
Spoiled? Yes, I'd say so. At least I admit it, right? I couldn't believe all of the phone calls, packages, letters, emails and facebook messages...Wow, do I feel loved! Thank you so much! It's gonna be a good year!

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Alisa said...

So happy to share in your special week with you!! Wink. I had a wonderful fun time. I'll never forget Kate sleeping in your bed hysterically yelling "This is unbelievable!" Hope her own bed is good enough the next night. Love you.