Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Excessive Energy? I've got the Answer!!!

I love to eat. I really look forward to it. So I had to find a way oh so many years ago to solve the problem of eating my treats and not weighing as much as a whale. I started running and instantly became a fan. After Kate was born, I went out and got a jogger and used it almost religiously. Then when Jake was born, I thought-- "Hey! Time for the double jogger!" And so the purchase was made. Have you ever tried to run with one of those things? I swear, they weigh well over 1,000 pounds with a loquacious three year old and an almost-walker. Needless to say, it doesn't get used every day.
Well, back in October, I approached Joe with a plan. It was getting cold outside and I didn't want to subject the kids to the weather :) We needed a treadmill, so I could get up when Joe left for work at 6AM and run and be showered before the kids awoke. It sounded like the perfect plan.
Well, the treadmill was purchased...and even though things don't always go according to plan with my 6AM dream, I've found a FANTASTIC use for the machine!
Actually, Kate discovered it. One night around 7:30, she came to me and said that she needed to "eckersize" out in the garage. When I told her it was too cold out there, she completely broke down and through her sobs cried,"but it's good for me!"
Well, I figured it couldn't hurt for a few minutes. I turned the treadmill on the lowest setting and she hopped on, asked for some music and shimmied to it for a quarter of a mile! What a way to get the energy out of your kids so they are ready for bed when you're ready to put them down! It was pure genius. Now I just need to get out there more than she does!

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