Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Big Blue Chair

Kate is 3 1/2 years old. She is old enough to experience the pure joy of getting her teeth cleaned! So, when I scheduled Joe's appointment for him, I figured I should make one for Kate as well. I was hesitant to schedule it with me though, because she detests me touching her lips when I brush her teeth at home. I set her up with her Uncle Matt. Figured I'd let him have all of the fun :) As last Friday grew close, Kate insisted that I clean her teeth. So, we gave it a shot.

You're gonna do what?!!!

Seeing me in a mask made her crack a smile and she never looked back...

We had a blast and she even got to see Uncle Matt anyway!

Proud of you, Katie Pie. You and Dad were my best patients that day!



Trisha said...

SO CUTE!! Of course Kate, but you too. I love the first cleaning. It's so much fun!

Woodruffs said...

Way to go Kate! Sounds like you did a great job of being a big girl :)

Sunny said...

Who wouldn't want to have their teeth cleaned by you! I bet I could even get my little Emily to open her mouth for you...instead of her clamping her mouth shut and having us hold her down so the Dentist could pry open her mouth with a metal rod. Not fun. But she did say when she turned 4 next year she will open her mouth. Baby steps right!?!

Tyler and Rachael said...

So cute!! I'm coming home in June--can't wait to see you all!!!!