Monday, December 16, 2013

Surprises and Secret Elves

Packages are a very rare thing down here.  First of all, it's insanely expensive to send them, and 2nd, you never know when they'll actually make it.  We've set a time frame of about 2 to 8 weeks.  There's no rhyme or reason.  
Jen mentioned that she was sending a little package off to us for Christmas, and I refused to believe that this huge box that arrived 6 DAYS LATER was from her!  I had to dig into it to really accept that somehow it was real.  The very best part was that she had put all sorts of fun things for us to do to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas.  A couple of them being the tree above (she knows we just do a little Christmas forest down here with all of our fake little trees because it's illegal to cut a fresh one) and the Christmas countdown paper chain.  Suddenly the kids were ecstatic for Christmas.  It was just what we needed. THANKS SO MUCH, Jen.  Can't tell you how perfect this has been!
As we finished off our chain and hung it up, the kids decided to write all of our names down and put them in a hat.  Whichever name we picked, we would be a secret elf for that family member for the month of December.  Doing little acts of service for that person.  They were beyond thrilled with their idea.  
They were running around, whispering and giggling as they were coming up with things to do for their secret someone.  Only to be revealed on Christmas Eve, whose name they had picked.  I was cleaning up the kitchen one evening and Jake came in with the biggest grin ever.  "Mom!  Come look in your room!!"  And then he whispered, "Come here."  He motioned for me to follow him.  As I walked into my room, I saw that someone had gone to a LOT of effort to make our California King size bed.  He was jumping up and down now giggling with excitement and had me get right next to his ear.  "Don't tell anyone, but I have YOU!!!"
Never wanted to let go of that hug.  

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