Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dia de Gracias!

I had the chance to go to school and throw Kate's class a little Thanksgiving party in the morning.  Even though it's an American International School, this is one of the holidays that isn't observed down here.  As I taught the students from around the world about our American Thanksgiving tradition, I felt so much gratitude and pride in our country for observing a day to reflect on all of our blessings.  Some of these students are extremely privileged and have grown up feeling very entitled. I explained what it means to be grateful and then had them created a Thanksgiving tree for their 3rd grade classroom.  Loved hearing them in all of their different accents share some of those blessings.  

In Everything Give Thanks.

We'll be happy if we do!  

 By the time the kids and I got home from school and I made my last couple of pies, it was time to feast!   As soon as Joe walked through the door, we headed right back out! I think we had a record number of gringos and friends celebrating Thanksgiving at the Hamilton's this year!  Did we hit 70?  If not, it was really close.  We tried our best to make it feel like home with all of our pumpkin and spices that we've imported and saved for this special day!
  Here was just some of our "family away from family" who helped ease the homesickness expats tend to feel during this time of year.
 Tracy McQueen, Karen Whitt, and Kristy Miller
 Gaby Vinas, Nicci Price, Anne Johnson, me, Tracy Mcqueen, Karen Whitte, Kristy Miller, Laura Hamilton
 Kate and some of her girlfriends, Maci, Larissa and Celeste
 I found Jake thoroughly enjoying himself upstairs with a few good friends
 Joe, Luke and Ron Caudle
An attempted selfie of the 3 of us!  

Happy Thanksgiving!  Grateful for these wonderful friends.  So very grateful for our family and loved ones.  We missed you today.  And love you more than you know! xoxo

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Laura said...

We were so close…final count 69!