Sunday, December 15, 2013

First Family Bowling Trip

Have we really never been bowling as a family before?!  It was hard to believe, but sadly, it was true!  Because Luke's birthday was on a busy weekday, we were planning on going out as a family to do something fun the weekend before his big day.  Since I ended up in the hospital, it threw all of those plans out the window.  We needed to have a carefree outing together.  Since cutting our Christmas tree down is always a tradition the weekend of Thanksgiving...and that is against the law in Chile...the kids decided going bowling was a nice second choice :)  

 Feeling pretty grown up.
 Some of us were a little more competitive than others.
 Some of us thought it was so awesome just seeing that ball roll down the lane and celebrated when a single pin went down. 
 One of us really liked his shoes that were 4 sizes too big but it was all they had.
 Check out Jake's new found talent!
Bumper Bowling in Santiago, Chile.  Sometimes it's still hard to believe :)
We finished off our day with a little frozen yogurt and I'd say it was pretty much perfect!

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