Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Easter!

I love Easter.  I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the overwhelming love I feel when I think about what He did for ME and for every single one of us.  I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have that I will still be with this fantastic family of mine after we leave this earth.  It feels right.  I have no doubt that its true.  
I'm grateful that the kids got a few days off from school to celebrate Easter!  It was wonderful!!  We had no desire to vacation anywhere but home.  We traveled plenty over the summer and it was so nice just to have a few days to be together.  Sunday morning we woke up to green smoothies and homemade muffins.  Church started at 10am and I had to get there early to set up for the Easter program I was doing for the kids.   
 The kids found their bunny ears waiting for them by their plates.  I didn't really plan on that being a tradition, but it kind of turned into one.  They love putting the ears on before the big hunt. 
 Well...two of them do. 
 And let's not worry that "Jumbo" grocery bags are being used as Easter baskets.  We don't sweat the small stuff at the Berryhill household ;)  The kids like them better anyway-- easier to hold the eggs and you can get more of them!
The Easter Bunny left his mark.  We were ready to get started.  

 When the back sliding glass door opened, the kids tore outside and frantically started filling their bags.  Luke went to the first egg he found and slowly began opening the egg and then painstakingly worked on opening up the foil to reveal the tasty treat inside.  Meanwhile, all of the other eggs were being snatched up!
 He was determined to have a little chocolate before moving on to the next egg.

 Jake and Joe decided to show Luke what an Easter Egg hunt was all about.

 There was a special egg for each of the kids.  On them was a special message to direct each one to their Easter surprise.  

 They were pumped.  
 Jake understood his clue right away
 After a great start to our morning, it was time to get ready for church!  
Luke was ready to go.  

 My babes experiencing their first Autumn Easter. 
Didn't stop us from putting those Spring colors on.  

Happy Easter!

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