Saturday, April 20, 2013

Buin Zoo with "The Boys"

Laura Hamilton wanted to take our boys to the Buin Zoo.  
Kate had just been with her class and we wanted to check it out too!!!  
So, I told her I'd keep her company :)  
 Thomas, Easton, Jake and Buddy Luke, after being thoroughly impressed with the monkeys swinging above them.
 Snacks anyone?  We had the best time together!  The boys did great and I thought this zoo was much better than the first one we went to when we first came to Santiago.  

 Luke was hanging right there with the big kids.  He loved looking at the camels, the ducks and especially the tigers.  He kept roaring at them over and over and over again.  It was hysterical!  And when he wriggled from my arms and took off, he went right back to the tigers home again for another quick glance.  

Jake taking care of his little bro 
 We made it to the sea lion and penguin show just in time.  Their little legs were starting to wear out and a front row seat was just what they needed to end our zoo trip on the right note.  

Seeing Jake smile like that just makes me melt.  He thought the dancing sea lions were the greatest.  Definitely worth skipping a day of school for this :)  

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Tammy Schick said...

What a great group of little men! They are so lucky to have each other ;)