Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wish I had my camera set to a quicker speed-- Ethan and Hugh were giving their cousins such a thrill ride on the swings that the kids faces are blurry... But I love this shot because you can almost hear their laughter. So blessed to have such great cousins.
We had all just come from "How to Train Your Dragon" and ended up back at our house talking and laughing for what turned out to be a few wonderful hours (side note-- first movie Jake has sat through and not gotten fidgety)-- when we looked at the time and suddenly realized no one had had dinner (we ate A LOT of popcorn and candy at the movies)...we hit the least healthiest place in our freezer and celebrated being together with corndogs. Yes, corndogs... don't worry, if you are ever invited over, that
will not be on the menu. Thanks for such a WONDERFUL Saturday afternoon Woodruffs! We love you.

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