Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get Your Elbows Off the Table

It all began after a busy Monday at work. Not only was mom at my house treating my kids like king and queen, but she was also making a yummy dinner and decided to have Chris come up (yeah!! He's home from BYU) and Dad and I would drive home together and Joe would meet us right about the same time. Perfect! Dinner was DELICIOUS (Thank You, Mom) and then came dessert. There were probably 3 different conversations going on when suddenly we saw this:
Are you that flexible? Forget "No elbows on the table..."

He carried on as if this were perfectly normal, totally absorbed in his mint chocolate chip

Then he caught sight of me as he stretched to get just a little more comfortable

Really? This isn't how we do things around here??!!

Even BG coming over didn't faze those feet!

You're cute, Jake.

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