Thursday, May 6, 2010


You might think that when you look at the image below...In sad reality, this is what I found when I came to check on Jake during his nap. Sometimes it takes him a while to settle down, so I don't worry if I hear a bit of noise. This day seemed to weigh a little on the heavy side when it came to knocking and banging, so I thought I'd better check in on the kid.
Yes... every blanket, animal and book are chucked out; but what terrified me most was the heavy frame being held up by only a single nail! He's never payed attention to the thing before... apparently today the goal was to get "J" askew. He even found a way to pull up his blinds and then finally fall asleep. I'd be tired too after all of the exertion!
Just glad you're OK, buddy.


Lindsay said...

Not to scare you but a friend of mine from college had her baby strangle herself on the blinds cord in her crib. I just thought since you mentioned he pulled his blinds up himself they may be too close to him. Sorry, safety monitor in me is coming out.

Sunny said...

Soon he'll be climbing out and then you can kiss nap time goodbye.

By the way cute picture of Jake.