Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Dress Rehearsal

The dress rehearsal...we got in trouble because Kate had fingernail polish on her nails. Oh yes... I didn't realize how serious dance instructors could be! I thought we were just in this for fun and to meet a few new friends :)

Before going into the rehearsal, Kate shows off her new teddy bear

While watching from the window, I was slightly terrified. Why? Well, because for most of the 2 minute dance, Kate stood there with her finger in her nose! Sad to say, I was just like that when I was little! My mom used to get so mad at me because anytime a camera appeared, my finger went in my nose.
Thankfully, when we got to go into the studio and act as the audience, she danced her little heart out!

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Joni said...

This is so sweet and she looks so cute in her little tutu with her teddy bear. How adorable! I bet she did dance her little heart out!