Friday, July 10, 2009

The Big Day

The Big Day. We've been practicing this dance since January. Personally, I think it was a little too early to introduce it to the girls, because I think they were getting bored of it by the time June hit! But when the Big Day arrived and she put her costume on, she transformed into little miss ballerina! I went to grab my camera and when I came back into her room, she was already doing dance poses and all sorts of moves that I had never seen before! I couldn't help but take a few pictures and try not to laugh!

The recital was at the Livermore High School Theater. What a great setting!

Posing once again for Grandma and Grandpa

All Smiles after the performance and a kiss from Kate's good friend, Elise. I did video that you can see below during the dance. I'm still awaiting pictures from my dad, who took about 1000 shots during her 2 minute number. They're gonna be great. I can feel it :)

Cousins Hugh and Ethan were there to watch! I think Kate really felt like a princess! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, Momo and BG, Maryanne and Dave and Uncle Chris for coming. It was a blast having you there!

Kate is the 2nd one from the left-- the opposite side of the teacher. When I played this little video back at home, Kate was watching and said, "Who's laughing?" I couldn't bear to tell her it was Momo, because I didn't want her to think that Momo was laughing AT her. But then she looked at me and said, "Is that Momo?" Can't fool a kid. I think this is hysterical. I laugh at it every time I watch it. I can't quite come up with a good word to describe Kate's dance moves... any ideas?!!!!


Jen said...

We love you Katie Pie!!!

Mike said...

She's beautiful!!! Congrats!

Amber King said...

She is so darling! And the laughing is contagious. :)