Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Where Imaginations Run Free

I have to say, I'm very impressed with the International School thus far.  I remember seeing plenty of educational posts and documentaries about how the Danish and other European countries do education.   Kids are allowed to wander and explore in the forest in all types of weather... they don't even begin to teach children to read until age 7... I was intrigued.  The concept sounded very promising.  Well, as we have started at ISB, I've come to see some things that I already love.  First off, Luke gets to participate in Walderkinder.  He went exploring in the forest with his class (all bundled up in snow gear) and when they reached the trees, he looked at his teacher and said, "YOU MEAN I CAN GO AND DO WHATEVER I WANT?!!"  And she happily said yes.  They spend two or more hours outside creating pretend islands and finding the best sticks... It's all about imagination for him.  And frankly, it's perfect.  My other two had PLENTY of imagination at Luke's age.  It isn't something that comes easily to him.  He was THRILLED to show me his monsters that he painted after reading, "Where the Wild Things Are."  Frankly, he has it way easier in kindergarten here than he did at home with me.  Hahaha!
Jake's jealous that he's not in kindergarten.  But the great news is, class sizes are small so the kids can go at whatever pace works for them and homework is MINIMAL for him and Kate.  No busy work.  Hallelulah!!!

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