Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Do These Two Pictures Have in Common?

Kate pointed out that there was the color red in both pictures.  True.  Very True.  The other thing is that I pronounce them both the same way... I'm going to need to learn how to say the country "Chile" correctly because WE ARE MOVING THERE.  Ahhhhh!  It's true! 

Remember when Joe and I took the wrong turn in Idaho and it added 5 hours to our trip?  Well, he had just found out that he got a job that he had interviewed for in Santiago, Chile.  To say the least, we were deep in conversation as well as tears, excitement and phone calls. 

You probably won't be hearing much from me until we get down there.  It's going to be a CRAZY few weeks trying to get Kate's tonils out, arranging for Joe and me to head down there to house hunt, flying back in time to throw a quick birthday party for our almost 7 year old, and then packing up our stuff, sending it off by boat and plane and renting out our house. 
I have stress headaches daily around 7pm when I think of all we need to do.  I'm soooo sad to leave Pleasanton.  We really felt like we found our paradise!  I 'm thankful we'll be back :)  Our families are close, oh, our family...we will miss you terribly... we've made so many wonderful friends and we've developed a nice, little routine.  But the adventures that await!  I'm such a mixture of emotions!! 
So, we'll be in Santiago, for about 2 years.  Start saving your money and come and visit!  We'll make sure we get a place with a guest bedroom :) 


anitamombanita said...

I'm super excited for you!! Send your family and friends over to my blog...then in the upper right corner, you'll see "Ruminations by subject"...tell them to click on Chile. Hopefully that'll make them want to save their money and come visit that amazingly wonderful place!!

Buen viaje y espero que nos vemos muy pronto!!! :)

Jill said...

Holy cow!!! I'm so excited for you guys. You're going to love it. I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience for your family. please, keep up your blog!!! so we can all hear your updates. The best advice I got before I left for Tokyo, was to remember, at the end of a hard day, (and there will be many) you can come home and cry and feel sorry for yourself, or think, tomorrow is a new day. I can start over and try again. think positive!! love you tons.

Sue said...

Anything can be fun if it's only for two years. This will be an adventure, though I know your family will miss you like crazy.


Cajsa said...

That's crazy, but so exciting! How fun to live there for two years, what an experience it will be. Good luck getting everything together!

Tyler and Rachael said...

We are so thrilled for your family!!! I'm looking forward to stories and blogposts from Chile!

Emily said...

Wow! That is so exciting! It's the kind of thing that Dan and I would LOVE to experience. I'm jealous that you guys get to live abroad for a little while. What a great opportunity for your kids! I hope things go well in the crazy preparing stage. Just remember that it will pass and in a few months, you'll hardly remember the nightmare :)