Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Road Trip

A few months ago, our friend Ryan came to dinner and made a proposal.  "We want to check out Glacier National Park.  Wanna come with us?"  After a few seconds and making sure our calendars worked, it was set.  He found an amazing home to rent up in Montana and we started planning. So, we caravanned with the Methenys and after 2 ten hour days of driving, we made it.  Surprisingly the kids did an incredible job in the car.  I was really worried!!

 Here's the home.  It had a separate building in the back with an indoor pool, and indoor hot tub, a fire pit, and a huge expanse of lawn!  I was so excited when I saw the lawn, that I kicked off my shoes and went running...about half way into it, I realized there were these spiky weeds interspersed throughout-- we learned quickly that the kids needed shoes :)
 Almost every night we had a fire and did smores.  By the end, our technique was perfected :)

 I loved them
We headed into the park for a few days and went on a few, beautiful hikes and saw some of the most amazing scenery.
 Jake, Annie, Kate, Zach, Gwen
 The hikers. 
 The moocher (he road along happily in the backpack and even got a nap or two in)
The Glacier

We took this amazing road called "Going to the Sun" that took us through Glacier waterfalls, steep cliffs and breathtaking views.  Our car got wet plenty of times, going through some of the waterfalls!  We got to the summit where we were on the border of the USA and Canada.  It was so cool!  All of these people were hiking up the glaciers and skiing down them!

Luke touching his first snow

 We found out that Kate is a total hiker and we need to work with Jake to toughen him up just a bit :) 
his great field close to our house up there and so we had to take a few pictures :)

 Then we got up early one morning and wanted the kids to experience some true fishing in Montana
 Mosquitos and all
 Not a huge trout, but we were excited to be catching something!
Well... maybe some of us...Jake wasn't too sure about it at first :) 
Both kids were able to claim a fish--way to go, Joe!
 On the way homw we stopped for huckleberry shakes and Luke would NOT share.  It was hysterical!
We wore the poor kid out.
We had the best time with the Methenys.  The kids just ran and played all day long and after they'd go to sleep at night, Ryan, Jeri, Joe and I would soak in the hot tub, get our snacks and play cards until the wee hours of the night.  Thank you for a wonderful, time!!  Can't wait until our next trip!


anitamombanita said...

Wow! That looked like such a fun trip...nevermind the comforts of a nice big home with pool and all! Glacier's on our list for a road trip...maybe even this summer. We'll see.

Next time you make such a long trek in that general direction, stop and visit us. Lots of space for all the kidlets to play/sleep/whatever.


Tyler and Rachael said...

Looks like an incredible trip. And Metheny's have now officially beat us out in the finding cool and amazing rental houses category--I mean an indoor pool--that is cool (but--you have to admit--the house in the outerbanks was pretty cool). So glad you had such a wondeful time!