Sunday, August 21, 2011

Think of a Wonderful Thing...Oh! And don't forget the Pixie Dust!

Kate finished her third year of dance at her third studio. We've finally found one that she loves and that all has to do with Miss Shelly, her beloved teacher, at Livermore School of Dance. I knew we'd found the one as I watched Kate's face as she pranced around the studio with that smile on her face and that sparkling gleam in her eye. It's been a great year. The season ended with a HUGE performace put on back in June-- Peter Pan. Kate and the girls in her class were the Pixie Dust. Jake, sporting his cute grin, on the way into watch the show.

During the show.

Meeting her public after her grand 5.... maybe 8 minute perforance :) (The show was 3 hours long--- way tooooooo long if you ask me-- amazing, but not needed! A note went out that they would be changing it next year to 1 hour. Yahoo!) Seeing that look on her face makes it all worth it though!

Kate and BG

I was SHOCKED that Jake and Luke made it through the entire thing. Luke slept most of the time and Jake sat with a lollypop among other treats, that I kept feeding him, and was the best 3 year old in the house. I'd say he even ranked higher than his Uncle Chris and Aunt Kalei who slept through half of it, even with the bag of chocolates I gave them :)

What a dude!

No, really, we were sooooo thrilled that Momo and BG and Chris and Kalei could come. What sports! Major points earned that day :) Kate felt so much love. It really meant a lot to us that you would make the trip to support her! You guys are the best! Grandma and Grandpa had tickets and were planning on being there too, but Grandpa got Shingles. Just Awful!!!!! We love you two and know that you were sending your love as well!

Kate and Elise-- they met at the very first studio we tried and have stuck through them all together! So cute.


anitamombanita said...

Can she get any cuter?! Really!! How fun to have your mom and dad and Chris and Kalei there too!! Love and miss you guys!! And congrats to Kate on a stellar performance, I'm sure!!!

Sue said...

What a darling girl she is!