Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are...

We packed quite a bit into our trip. Two full days at Disneyland, and then we spent our 3rd and final day down at the San Diego Zoo. It was nice to have a more mellow day at the end-- I think we were all pretty wiped out! The zoo really was amazing. It had been YEARS since I had been there.
We got a kick out of this orangutan that came right up to the window and mirrored the kids. It was hysterical! She sat like that and would mimic the kids if they put their hands up to the window and she'd just stare right back at them!

Loved the pandas, the polar bears, the wombats, the elephants, the monkeys, the hippos and especially the reptiles! I was surprised that Kate was so into them! She wanted to look at every snake and find out where it was from and if it was poisonous or not... I guess she is definitely her BG's granddaughter.

The only family picture we have on the entire trip. Nice. Goes to show you that I definitely had a stuffy head while we were down there, because I didn't even think to get a family picture at Disneyland!

The Koalas were a huge hit

Riding the tram over the zoo.
What a great way to spend our last day!

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