Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shea Butter

Have you ever used shea butter? It is some of the best stuff when it comes to super dry skin. I love it. I use it mostly in the winter time and so I keep it under the sink the rest of the year. It smells really good...and did I mention you only need to use a tiny bit to see magnificent results?
I honestly don't even know where I was when this took place. Probably folding clothes in the back.

The funny thing is, our house is so small, it's not as if I can't hear everything that is going on...

We went to see cousin Ben play baseball this very same night. Have any guesses as to who the bugs were attracted to? Jake smelled delicious! And his skin was extra soft too! Looks like I'll need to go get another container before winter rolls around again.


Sue said...

Not exactly a mosquito repellent, huh?

He looks thrilled with his newly-softened skin, though!


Amber King said...

He looks like he's ready for a shave. :)