Monday, January 5, 2009

Decemer Highlights

Oakland Temple with the Patterson Clan

Kate and her Berryhill cousins Emily and Toria

The Rushton's Home for the Holidays!

We were so happy to see you guys!

We miss you!

Do you like my hair?!

Christmas Eve

It's OK. Santa gave it to me!

What do you see in there, Jake?

What do you have for me, Santa?!

Our Gingerbread House...It's size is about equivalent to our new home!

Cozy in Pink

Pretty Ballerinas

Kate Loves to Dance

Genentech Christmas Party at Giants Stadium

Climbing a Palm Tree

What a great night-- they really know how to throw parties!

I made a bunch of hats for my mom for Christmas to keep her head warm while going through chemo. I came around the corner one day and found Kate trying them on a little prematurely :)

Hope Yours was Merry and Bright!

Merry Christmas 2008

Our final attempt at a family photo for our Christmas card this year. Thanksgiving weekend, cutting down our Christmas tree. It pays to have siblings and cousins doing the funky chicken and singing silly songs behind the camera!

A little something to put a smile on your face

(Lovin' the Drool!)


Woodruffs said...

Your family picture is adorable! You gotta love Jake and Kate's smiles :)

Jill said...

welcome to the blogging world!!! I have had so much fun today reading through your blog...and a few others I knew--from your links. Jen's and Kira's. I also loved your family picture. It definitely helps to have people in the background being silly. This year, we decided to go with a professional photographer--first time!--and I wasn't happy with any of them. She couldn't get Jake to smile--like silly cousins could have. okay, this is getting way too long. I'm glad this can be another way to keep in touch. keep posting pictures!!

Trisha said...

I'm so glad to see you have a blog! It actually is a lot of fun to keep in touch with friends this way. Your family is too cute!

Joni said...

I love these pictures! So cute!

Tyler and Rachael said...

We had SO much fun seeing you!! Can't wait to do it again. I can't wait for Abigail to take Ballet just like Kate.