Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Joe!

I love January 18th. What a wonderful day! 33 years ago, my best friend was born. I will never forget the moment I knew. We had been set up on a blind date by my roommate and wonderful friend, Jill Angell. I really had zero expectations. Let's be honest-- I'd been on way too many blind dates... but I had graduated from BYU and was up to my ears in head and neck anatomy in Dental Hygiene school, and I figured a friend couldn't hurt (And I think my parents were starting to worry!) Joe called me up about 2 weeks after I had lost my voice (the beginning of the 6 month trial-o-fun of figuring out I had thyroid cancer). I sounded like a bullfrog on the phone, so I was really curious to see if he'd even go through with asking me out :)

He picked me up that weekend and we went out for dessert. Safe-- because, if it had been lame, the date wouldn't have lasted too long :) We had gelato in Los Gatos and I was so surprised at how comfortable we were! We got in the car and continued talking about all sorts of things--it was Highway 85 by the Camden Exit when a little light when on in my head--"This one is different." It was really all I would allow myself to think. I'm not a fast mover and thankfully Joe is an extremely patient person.

A year later we were engaged and a week after Joe's 27th birthday on January 24, 2003 we were married. I love him with all of my heart. I love that we can laugh together, tease one another, work side by side and raise our children together. He has a heart of gold. He's a hard worker and incredibly determined. He is kind to those who need it the most. He loves God and stands up for what he knows is right. His nephew Ben thinks he's the strongest man in the family and always tells his Dad that they need Joe's help when moving big things. I guess it was that one arm wrestling tournament...When it's Joe's turn to be in charge of the meal I can guarantee it will be one of three things--Costco spinach and cheese raviolis, burritos or lasagna. Oh, and he's better at changing diapers than I am :)

Happy Birthday, Joe! Of course, we haven't really celebrated yet. We were all deathly ill on his birthday, so I told him that we'd have to postpone the real celebrating. Yesterday on our anniversary, he mentioned he wasn't prepared to celebrate until we celebrated his birthday :):):) "You get a birthday month! I'm just waiting for my day!!" He teased. Don't worry, it's coming! As soon as the kids are off their anitbiotics...

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Brett said...

Tell Joe I hope we celebrate his birthday soon.