Monday, November 26, 2018

Happy 8th Birthday, Luke!

I can remember the events of Luke's entrance into the world like it happened yesterday.  So many miracles brought this wonderful human into our family and I love him like crazy.  Eight is truly going to be great for Luke.  He has grown leaps and bounds this year as I have watched him emerge out of his shell around others and taken more of a proactive role at home.  He shares more, he is learning to stand up for himself, and to talk when something is bothering him.  Luke walks down the halls at school and everyone says hi to him.  He is happy. He loves to play the piano.  He loves to laugh and could run and play any sport all day long.  He loves to help me in the kitchen and comes up with all sorts of creations--and I love having his company...that's usually when we chat about life. 

In fact, he woke up today, November 26, 2018, and had a fever.  So he got to hang out with me all day.  A bummer to be sick on your birthday, BUT, that meant that he could help me make his cake JUST the way he wanted. 

So, after opening up all of his presents before everyone went to school...nice and early...

And having some yummy Swedish pancakes, per Luke's request...

(We had a few others who were happy with the choice as well)

 We got to make his cake together.  
A brownie cake with vanilla and chocolate frosting.  
He new exactly what he wanted.  

Homemade mac 'n cheese for dinner

 And finally getting to blow out the candles on the cake that he worked so hard on.

Birthday Party and Baptism in the next few weeks.  We are so excited for you!

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